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PowerSchool – Parent Users Guide




Parents, Please read this important information so you can check your child’s grades, attendance, etc. all year.

You can use a new tool, PowerSchool, to help you monitor your child/children’s school achievement and activities.  The information on this sheet will help you get set up to use this tool.



What is PowerSchool?

PowerSchool is a secure web-based system. With an internet connection, you can get school information about your child anytime. You can connect from home, the office, the public library, or from any other computer with Internet access.


How will PowerSchool help me as a parent?


You will be able to quickly check the following:


• Grades               

• Teacher Comments      

• Automatic email alerts that will send all of this information to you if you just sign up.


• School Bulletin      

• Attendance                                               

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How do I get set up to use this great new tool?


Go to this web page:



Log in to the page with your user information – you must request this information from your school’s secretary.


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How do I get email alerts about my child’s grades or class attendance?


At the top of your home page click on Email Notification. There you will have these choices:

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How do I view information in PowerSchool?

Once you log in, at the top of your homepage you will see these boxes. Click on your choice.


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To return to your homepage click on the PowerSchool logo

 in the upper left hand corner of the screen.


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